Organic SEO & E-Marketing Strategy

Our team of specialists in Web E-Marketing (SEO/SEA/SEM)
can ensure a best presence for your web project and products for a long term.


Search engine optimisation

SEO is the important part of your web project. It give your product a better visibility and better placement on the SE (search engines).

The professional experience of our SEO prople guarantee you a place in the "top" on the first pages of Google, Altavista, Yahoo, Lycos, free, AOL, MSN ....
We prodive:

Regular positioning report allows us all to continually improve your (RIO) return on investment.

Paid SEO

Adwords Paid SEO
Paid Search Engine optimisation (Adwords Campaign) unlike the Organic SEO, has the advantage of listing your website on the keywords of your choice and so very fast.

When you do an Internet search, you can see in the results some additional links in the central part above the natural results (maximum 3 ads) and sometimes on the right of your screen.
This is "advertising links" (sponsored links or commercial links) that result from a campaign Paid Search Google AdWords.

We will setup for you Adwords campaigns sponsored links "after deep analysis" which will appear in a very targeted way on the search engines (Example: especially in your city, region or country). In addition, your ads will not only displayed on the results of the search engine. Instead, they will also appear on other websites visited by your target customers.

In summary, the benefits of AdWords campaign is that you do not pay for displaying your ad but only when someone clicks on them.

Paid Facebook Ads

Paid Facebook ads

Advertising on social networks provide new opportunities for targeting: sociodemographic, center of interests, social ads ...), you do not pay to show your ad but only when someone clicks on it.

You are not yet present on Facebook, Linkedin (social networks)? Do not ignore one of the key elements of your marketing strategy! Take the opportunity to capture and engage your visitors/customers! Improving your visibility and social web presence become an unavoidable obligation of marketing reputation!

Social Media Manager

You do not have the time to manage your pages on social networks, with FANCY ONE is ever a problem, we offer innovative solutions to better serve you:

- Community Management: co-management/support,
- Creation: management and optimization of Facebook pages for brands,
- Monitoring / Moderation / Editorial activity / Social Web Analytics and KPI tracking,
- Social Merchandising: a promo action plan for e-commerce sites,
- Securing Your Web Presence 2.0 / Diagnostic Cyber-Squatting,
- Creating flow, automation, integration of SEO aspects,
- Videos SEO / Branding & Dailymotion YouTube channel promotion,

Case studies

For some reasons we do not show all our achievements, by cons, do not hesitate to ask some of our achievements by email.Contact Us

Organic & Paid Marketing rates

Do not hesitate to ask for an offer and let us surprise you with our rates.In order to be able to provide you with e-marketing strategy as accurate as possible, please provide maximum details.