Custom Software Development

We provide custom software development for your organization and your business without
a surplus of features that do not serve you!


Software Development

Can not find the best software for your needs? This is normal because your business, your needs and your way of working is unique!
Imagine a company that provide a specific software development that meet your needs with a very competitive prices you can have your own custom:

Specific development is the heart of business society. To meet your expectations, we offer the design and implementation of your business software based on:

We deliver the final software and its source with all the documentation necessary, ensuring you can change your development provider at your convenience.

We can sign an exclusivity contract on an industry or profession, ensuring that you are the only one using this special software.

Web Applications Development

Web Applications DevelopmentOr the extranet software development or Saas Development can provide the same functionality as a standard office software. It can process the information, save data, print documents, etc ...

Except that with a web application you do not need to install a program on each computer that will use the software. Just use a browser (such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer) on any computer (PC, Mac and Linux) connected or not connected to the internet.

Your application may be available in your local area network (Intranet), in your branches or via internet (Extranet). Highly secure access can be set up.

The centralization of you data and functions, easy to use, view/add/edit/delete the data in real time. Your employees have access to new features immediately without manipulation.

Computer maintenance

Our computer maintenance packs are unique and personalized with a very reasonable price and many payment facilities, with all the packages you will have:

- Outsourcing ressources to manage your IT park and computers,
- Telephone Support,
- Monitoring of interventions,
- Restorative Maintenance,
- Evolutionary Maintenance and preventive (monthly visits),
- Other options to choose.

Outsourcing Software Development and Maintenance

You want to increase productivity and efficiency of your team and focus on customer relationships to reduce the development and maintenance costs and time?Want to make your most effective software design, easy-to-use but your editor can not maintain your software?Trust us with and outsource Maintenance and Development work to us and optimize your internal development resources and enjoy good experience and tools with the guidance and support of our professionals.

Software Development Prices

Do not hesitate to ask for an offer and let us surprise you with our rates.In order to be able to provide you with our software development rates as accurate as possible, please provide maximum details.